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Forgot your password? - New RapidiOnline Configuration App

It is now a little more than a year since we released our new RapidiOnline
configuration Application on

The new Application is faster to work with due to many new shortcuts and links, the performance is greatly enhanced (it responds faster when using the "Log" for example) and there is a number of new features to make you more productive. For example the new "Runs" feature that will let you know what RapidiOnline is doing right now. Furthermore all new development is done on MyRapidi !

Most of our users are already using the new Application for their daily tasks and we
would really like the rest of you to benefit from the new features and better performance also !

So please login to the new Application (username and password is the same) - enjoy !

PS: If you need help or want a quick tour of MyRapidi, please contact our support.